short term project

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© Valentina Berthelon, 2020

short term project


32 videos

5:02 min, 2020/21

32 flicker films by 26 students

As part of the semester theme "Urban-Nature", the task of this short trem project was to take at least 100 photos with a smartphone or camera of nature in the city and to assemble them into a "flicker film". Each picture was to be only one frame long, but it could also play with different lengths and rhythms.

The students should be inspired by colours and structures when selecting the motifs or proceed conceptually.

Jannis Jelto Witzel, Moritz Morsbach, Valentina Berthelon, Indra L. Frings, Destina Atasayar, Michel Best, Johannes Thiel, Marlon Nicolaisen, Luisa Herbst, Agata Hörttrich, Emma Hutton, Ole Paland, Thai May Nguyen, Ferdinand Kirsch, Yayoek Börger, Liese Schmidt, Meret Schmiese, Francesca Sklorz, Quingyun Zhang, Norman Weese, Katharina Aae, Isa Zappe, Jasmin Bina Khahi, Renata Dias, Corinne Wiss.

Sound: Johannes Thiel

© short term project, 2020/21