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Manja Ebert
Artistic Assistant

thursdays 12 noon-1 pm and by appointment, room 125

Universität der Künste Berlin
Institut für zeitbasierte Medien
Grunewaldstr. 2-5
10823 Berlin
Room 126/127

© Dariya Susak / Yulia Tatarchenko

For the first two semesters of Visual Communication, “Moving Image” is part of the "Design Basics" module.

Afterwards the following basic seminars are offered:

"Basics of the Moving Image I" (summer semester)
The students get to know the design principles of film and video and test them in the form of short videos. They gain insight into the broad field of time-based media, an introduction to the history and theory of film and media art as well as advice and assistance in planning and implementing their video projects.

These can be performative, documentary, narrative or creative-experimental works using real footage as well as animated elements.

In addition, workshops such as "Camera, Light and Sound - Introduction" and "Digital Image and Sound Installation - Introduction" are offered.

Participation requirements:
The seminar is aimed at students of Visual Communication from the 2nd semester onward. No previous knowledge is necessary.

time + place:
Thursdays 2-5 pm, room 126, room 16 or online

"Basics of the Moving Image II" (winter semester)
The aim is to deepen the acquired knowledge and skills in video production. Advanced design possibilities and working processes in the field of moving images are made known, with the special consideration of digital postproduction.

Participation requirements:
This course is aimed at students studying Art and Media as well as Visual Communication from the 3rd semester onward. Basic knowledge and practical experience in digital video production are required.

time + place:
Thursdays 2-5 pm, room 126, room 16 or online