Split Level

80 Students of the UdK-Medienhaus

Opening Fr 18.10.2019
18.00h – Opening with a Lecture by Stefan Carsten – „Zukunft, Auto, Stadt“
19:30h – Live Set: Cvna x Goshima
20:30h – DJ Set: Moritz Morsbach + Niclas Moos

Opening hours
Sa 19.10. + Su 20.10.2019, 14-19h
Thu 24.10. + Fr 25.10.2019, 16-20h
Sa 26.10. + Su 27.10.2019, 14-19h

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80 Students of the UdK-Medienhaus

Split Level


On three levels of a car park, which has been used by studierendenWerk Berlin as an exhibition space for two years, various artistic and creative disciplines gathered together, accompanied by performances and music.

All artistic positions found their starting point at Potsdamer Strasse: While the participants of the Laboratory for Photography explored Potsdamer Strasse as a space of encounter, transit, movement, existence and transformation, the moving image class focused on the socio-cultural environment of Potsdamer Strasse and interacted with narrative short films, 360° videos, dystopian visions of the future, animations, interactive sound-image collages and installations with reference to the special spatial structure of the exhibition space. Phenomena of "nature" found in the immediate vicinity of Potsdamer Strasse led to artistic-creative works in the Spatial Design and Exhibition Design class, which, under the theme "Critical Nature - Future Landscapes", created new utopian, imaginary or alternative relationships between people, nature, plants, animals and landscapes, but also between organisms, matter and substance. They became spatially experienceable in a "narrative landscape" with immersive installations, experimental exhibition displays, video works, drawings, pictures and 3D models, manifestos and soundscapes. Likewise, students in the Foundations Year of Visual Communication refered to the architectural structure of the parking deck and expanded and transformed the tunnel-like entrance by means of projection mapping. The class Generative Art / Computational Art dealed with complex systems, and in summer 2019 especially with questions on "Artificial, Natural & Hybrid Intelligences & Stupidities". What can which intelligences do how well, what hybrid forms can be there, when are they not particularly intelligent, and where can this be dangerous? In the exhibition spaces of the parking garage, the projects on display took the form of networks, installations and performances.

Participating classes and laboratories

Gestaltung des bewegten Bildes
Prof. Anna Anders, Alexander Peterhaensel

Raumbezogenes Entwerfen und Ausstellungsgestaltung
Prof. Gabi Schillig, Ruven Wiegert

Generative Kunst / Computational Art
Prof. Dr. phil. Alberto De Campo, Hannes Hölzl

Grundlagen des Entwerfens
Prof. Ulrich Schwarz, Prof. Anna Anders, Prof. Kora Kimpel, Henrike Uthe

Labor für Fotografie
Sebastian Herold

Participating students

Valentina Alexander
Destina Atasayar
Anna Babchuk
Adam Behlen
Winona Bogner
Yayoek Börger / Francesca Sklorz
Sarah Böttcher
Madeleine Brunnmeier
Maria Capello
Thais Curvelo Resendes
Maxie Czoski
Rafael D’Almeida
Clara Dingel
Linda Elsner
Oezcan Ertek
Pedro Ferreira
Indra Frings
Mattia Friso
Antonia Gericke
Christina Görlich
Bruno Gola
Orlando Helfer
Luisa Herbst / Miriam Schenkirz
Konstantin Hildebrandt
Paulina Höfner
Zora Hünermann
Stella Horta / Levent Kamaci
Emma Hutton
Valentin Jauch
Livia Kirchner
Ferdinand Kirsch
Jason Kittner
Hannah Kluge
Lucie Jo Knilli
Maria Kobylenko
Kirill Kogan
Moritz Kreul
Leander Limburg
Maryna Makarenko
André Martins
Kristina Miller
Niclas Moos / Moritz Morsbach
Floris Morlok
Willie Neumann
Marlon Nicolaisen
Anaïs Nyffeler
Tatiana Pakhmutova
Ole Paland
Angelika Pientka
Roman Roth
Luise Schaller
Hannah Schiefelbein
Liese Schmidt / Meret Schmiese
Laura Schöngart
Jil Schuberth
Sandra Stiehler
Adrian Terzic
Johannes Thiel
Niklas Thran
Klara Troost
Cécile Vexler
Lina Wimmer
Julius Winckler
Corinne Wiss
Isabella Zappe